Have you always wanted to know about where your Great Great Grandparents came from?

Or have not known where to start or just want to know more and do not know where to look …

Then why don’t you let Family Skeletons help you research and record your Family Heritage.

Throughout our life we can be given or come across a box of photographs, a Family Bible, Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates or letters that can help with the research of your Family History but you do not have the time to document this information.

Family Skeletons is based in Brisbane. From many years of ancestry research I have found and utilised many avenues that allow me to complete the sometimes difficult aspects of family history research.  I have found that living very close to the Queensland State Archives to be a bonus and being a member of several Genealogical Societies in Queensland and throughout Australia, is indeed very useful for compiling information on your Ancestors who immigrated to Australia.

Family Skeletons can offer a very professional service that will not damage your originals but will allow us to put all those pieces of your Family History jigsaw together for you.

This is an old family bible

Family Skeletons

guarantee a Professional Research service for a cost that suits your Budget!