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31 Aug 2010 Factors influencing the reliability of genealogical information

Information found in historical or genealogical sources can be unreliable and it is good practice to evaluate all sources with a critical eye. Factors influencing the reliability of genealogical information include: the knowledge of the informant (or writer); the bias and mental state of the informant (or writer) think about men joining the armed forces who were under age and put their age up a year or two so that they could be with friends and family on the “great adventure”.

How literate the writer and or the teller of information is (A few generations ago, literacy was not as widespread as it is now, consequently names of people and places were often miss-spelled), plus the passage of time and the potential for copying and compiling errors especially with the fading of inks and how hard it is to read the hand writing often leads to mistakes.

29 Aug 2010 Open for Business
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It has taken a while, but I am proud to announce my Family History Research business has now officially opened. My business name is Family Skeletons and my website is ready for the World to view, As most of you are aware researching my Ancestors has been a passion of mine for many years now and I have developed so much knowledge in this area, that I decided to establish a business where I can offer Clients a professional and reliable service.  

So please feel free to pass on my details to anyone who could be interested in hiring me to research and record their Family History.