22 Jan 2012 2012 has arrived

2012 has arrived and this year will see the continuation of my Advanced Diploma in Local, Family & Applied History studies through the University of New England. After having successfully completing my first year of part time studies in 2011, I am now looking forward to developing more structured research skills to assist my clients in tracing their Ancestors.

On the 12 August this year will be the 150th anniversary since my Great Grandfather Henry Southwick Bowden arrived in Maryborough on board the ship, The Young Australian. Henry was single when he left England to commence a new life in Australia. Within a short time of arriving in Australia, he married and settled into a life in Central Queensland. Although I was never privileged to have met my Great Grandfather, I have been able to obtain a great deal of interesting facts that tells the story of his life and I am privileged to tell his story to his descendants.

With searching our family ancestors we have to be prepared to discover amazing facts but sometimes these facts bring a great sadness in the way they settled and established their individual footprints on this nation.

I have recently had the privilege of discovering my husband’s Great Grandmother’s will at the Queensland State Archives, this 100 year old document was able to answer a lot of questions and also provided me with a direct line of research, rather than just going around in circles.

If you are not able to visit the Queensland State Archives in Brisbane to research one of your Ancestors, please send me an email as I am a frequent visitor to the Archives.

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